Preface: Dawn of Heroes

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Preface: Dawn of Heroes

Post by churitto on Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:37 pm

Setting: Gotham City
Time: 1PM
October 21, 1999

Jana's fingertips were tingling from the cold breeze in the air, she was sitting by a fountain eating a sub sandwich. The crumbs were sliding down her jacket and leaving a trail for the birds to eat. The redhead watched calmly as the birds gather up for their rage of hunger. The sky was quite dim and it felt like darkness was creeping on her.

"Aye. Its so fooking cold. That dose is goin' round better not get to me." She murmured to herself with that thick irish accent of hers.

"Aye! Whatchu got there girlie?" A blonde slinked his arm around Jana, moving close-enough for her fist to to upper cut him.

"Ow!" The man cried rubbing his chin, "Whats wrong with you?!"

"Got something up yer Arse, fooker? Don't touch me." Jana brushed off the man from he side and stood up defensively. "I happen to let you know, I am an officer and I will arrest your arse for harassment."

Gripping her sandwich aggressively the meal merely broke apart in her palms.

"Okay, I leave ya..bitch." The man stood up towering her, his eyes narrowed. "You should be careful who you threaten cause not everyone will leave with a threat like that."

The figure walked away in a hurry from Jana leaving her alone in the park. Jana sighed from the frustration of the interaction, shaking the left overs off her, she sat back down closing her eyes.

Why couldn't she just have a peaceful afternoon?



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