Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules

Post by churitto on Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:45 pm

1. Please no Mary/Gary Sue/Stu's! Each character should be have positive and negative traits.

2. Avoid having to too many characters - so much that you lose control! If you can handle it, fine. If not, retire some.

3. Be fair and give others a chance! Meaning that there is no God Modding, Auto-Hits, or Power Playing! Everyone has a weakness and are not impervious.

4. Preferably let's keep this in third person narration, so that there isn't confusion. Meaning that there is no **, or -- to denote actions. He/She/They/Them and the only time "Me" or "I" should be read is in the character's speech, or in OOC.

5. If a character is going to die, make sure the owner of the character has consented. This is a multiple person role-play! We all have plans and cannot base it off our own interests/goals. Also, once those participating in the event of a character's death, please notify/speak to the GM of the RP-to follow the plot or anything of the sort.

6. There is no limitation on what time -scenario-and being of the Role-play. Any genre, reference, etc is open within the RPs. There's no set world so to say. Just no inappropriate Role-plays please!

7. Absolutely no rude or bad behavior while in or outside of Roleplaying! Failure to adhere to this rule, will result in a strike.

8. Have fun roleplaying!

**Note: Keep in mind that these are the general rules! RP creators are entitled on adding onto these rules for their world's specifics. I.E., only so many powers/edits/what have you.


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